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March 23, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – March 24-April 6

Human Folly Point

The first New Moon in Aries will be hot, hectic and full of delusions. That is how the real beginning of the astronomical new year 2020 looks like. Αt times we are frightened and mislead ourselves unintentionally, at other times we delude ourselves deliberately lavishing amist of deception upon our life thinking this is the best security guard. We should not lie to ourselves otherwise we will have to go through a certain life lesson once again. In the case of fooling ourselves we have to be incarnated again to realise who we actually are. On March 30-April 1 refrain from being hasty and reckless overreacting on something. Being scared, obsessed or passionate about something as well as longing for something indicates a folly point and possibly a beehive that you were unlucky to stir up.


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