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December 29, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon – December 30-January 12

Symbol – Natural Fountain

On these holidays, we return to our most significant people and to our roots – our parents, grandparents, and the history of our family and kin. They are the source of our true inspiration and support, as well as understanding of our path is. It may well be that some ancestor’s story will tune with your soul melody. While taking care of your family members do not forget about the most distant relatives. Your genuine concern is more significant than expensive presents. It is easy to feel false, bewildered and abandoned while being among the idle and ambitious crowd. This feeling of falsity means the wrong values one should not pursue for. You can get the true ones, while being with your nearest and dearest, with your soul mates. Some issues about family procreation, family doom or family nest or inheritance may pop up. It is useful to thank people without asking much for yourself and to pay one's debts including kindred and karmic debts. Usually that means to do something for somebody for free or even to your own detriment. Around the full moon, it is better to avoid things that immerse us to an illusion and make our immunity vulnerable. It is a good idea to get by with natural means for health support. It is not good time for distant travels unless your way takes you home.