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June 19, 2020 · 1 min read

Annular Solar Eclipse Forecast – June 21-July 4

Symbol – Guide-post

Around the solar eclipse of June 21 an unfinished adventure, romance aftertaste or realizing that you are right at the crossroads may excite one’s imagination – in other words, you will feel a certain incompleteness of the past or the uncertainty of the future. Some important event is imminent and you have a decision or a choice to make, but there will be a benchmark or a sign that you should pay attention to in advance. You should ask yourself where you are actually going, where you are off to in fact and how you’ve ended up there? An abstract signpost looms ahead but sometimes it doesn’t matter which path you choose: right, left, or strait, because where you will get may not depend on where you headed, since sometimes the consequences of our actions inexplicably overtake us. Meanwhile if you dash by that signpost without noticing it then the things you face after will turn to be a big surprise. That surprise may await you at home, at homegrounds, in something sickeningly familiar. Sometimes our path unexpectedly drives us back home, and a ship touches land to bring or to take somebody from us. Resentments and anger, words spoken thoughtlessly, as well as lies can provoke a hidden vendetta postponed for the time being even before the eclipse. On the 2nd week the events will intensify and rush like a tumbleweed.