Creator of ArtUrania
December 30, 2019 · 1 min read

January 2020

In January it is not worth worrying about the events that are too ponderous to manage and have already formed heavy clouds. The trend got shaped yet in the end of 2019 and the important moment is expected around January 10-13 when all family and vital issues will aggravate. Something “serious and big” may possibly happen in the world and come to you, as well. While the incident may catch the unprepared optimists unawares, it will be just a natural consequence of the events that have been forced during many months and that they have been trying not to ignore.

January 23-30 may bring a conflict of interests, love or personal tragedy. The attempts to shed some light on the situation, get it right or bring something to light will lead to the scenario when someone tails after and the other one hides and slips away, chases rainbows and while sheltering in one’s own hole hopes to escape one’s doom and dreams of unattainable. However, all that can’t last long and many of us will have to deal with the reality of life as well as the necessity to draw conclusions and review their attitude to the current developments. All that will be the key for everyone’s story.