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June 5, 2020 · 1 min read

Lunar Eclipse Forecast – June 5-20

Symbol – Joker

Around this penumbral lunar eclipse you get an emotional impulse to crash and destroy, to break up, as well as to break free of borders and barriers. One can easily mixes up lofty ideals and motives with illusions and false aspirations. While one’s thoughts and actions become fanatic and acute like “for or against”, your own behavior may be unexpected even for yourselves since the will that motivates it is hidden. These are the days of disputes, of sorting out one’s relationships and of tilting at windmills. You may face something you are not ready to reconcile with and that will intrude upon your life without your consent. Being inspired you are able to make a decisive breakthrough using the conflicting elements constructively without destroying what is meaningful for you but getting rid of unbearably bothering problems instead. To make a smart choice you should realize first what you can manage without.