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July 1, 2020 · 2 min read

July 2020

In social life July brings backlash, a period of retrograde trends, old-fashioned and tough measures. For individual personalities July is on the contrary about moving on and the time of personal commitment. In love affairs everything develops thick and fast and can just happen. Just don't forget that feelings are about actions. Your partner knows the words of love and is up for heroic deeds. There is a chance to come to an understanding if love is still alive. Many of us will get to visit friends and go on vacation trips.

The three peaks of problems looming back in March 2020 now tower in broad daylight bringing ideological and social tension. The society is in a great toss while the measures of former figures of authority are not popular and out of date. The periods from July 6-9 and 25-31 are hard for finding common grounds and provoke conflicts and sometimes even real fights.

In July we will again face the unsolved and intimidating problems of February and March. How to cope with those fears? The best way is not to take a back seat but to lead the way with one’s active actions. Around July 13-16 you may have conflicts with bosses and authorities.

Around the New Moon on July 19-20 people come to having second thoughts about personal values. To do that you will possibly have to learn an old lesson. In the time of the New Moon there is no need for backward moves and sacrifice. It is better to assess the scale of losses and write them off. When you realize that something that you have been towing along has known better days and is too heavy to lift, you will have the guts to leave it alone and go pack light.

Advice: Remember that something that is not possible to solve now will become the subject for arguments and fights in September and October. However, later it will break itself and stop being actual.