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May 29, 2020 · 2 min read

June 2020

Flying Dutchman

June will bring two eclipses including a penumbral Moon eclipse on June 5 and an eclipse annular on June 20-21 that coincides with the summer solstice. Those periods of time may cause various emergencies and accidents involving the whole groups of people. The days around June 5 provoke tension in personal relationships and many individual dramas.

In June it may seem that you are trying to bring everything together like people get things done before a great march or when they put themselves up to make a determined breakthrough. However, everything falls apart, changes and malfunctions. We keep facing more and more new challenges. The influence of the eclipse of June 20 goes as far as a month before and after it. It is particularly significant for people born in March, June, September and December getting stronger across the neighboring signs of Gemini and Cancer and Sagittarius and Capricorn.  

This eclipse is interesting by the fact that it breaks the chain that holds you and raises your anchor. Sometimes your ship will look like a vessel that had its mooring broken incidentally. It will face gorges, whirlpools and sweet-voiced mermaids. However, a far away and illusive aim looms ahead. In June the epidemiological and financial situation is very unstable and it is worth understanding how much you need it before setting off or getting involved in something. There is a risk of turning into a Flying Dutchman being unable to leave a project or a relationship and therefore not to seek the calm shore when getting lost among vigorous life turns.

However, after June 20 the enthusiasts tired of fighting the Windmill may return to a steady place of their native coasts and rethinking of the mileage as well as recounting of the pipe dreams they have come across. In June, the pipe dreams come back from the past as old friends.

June Advice: Do not waste your energy on unnecessary actions. The most effective means for that is to overcome the fears that are an unconstructive production of your own mind.