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February 29, 2020 · 2 min read

March 2020

Being With You Is Like a War

In March, there is enough arrogance, determination and energy to ignore the nobility and make a breakthrough to the desired goal. Enthusiasm and manic ardor to achieve it, like the smell of fresh blood during a hunt, excites the second half of March with a peak of 20-25. It is worthwhile to direct the ardor into a business, project or study without demolishing the walls in disputes and bickering. You can promote more business! However, excessive expression of will can lead to scandal or violence, since power is still not the right to become impudent. The struggle for leadership will unfold and the authority of some bosses may fall, while the most persistent “bison” will begin to rage. On March 30-31 you will need to overcome the problem suddenly popping up around the corner.

In love affairs, despite the difficulties and sorrows of early March, in the second half of the month you can take revenge at an accelerated pace and achieve what you want. On March 7-10, the trend will change, surprises and temptations are expected. When seeking the object of your passion, remember about the material side including gifts, comfort, delicious food and sex to offer all the pleasures. It’s good to equip the “nest” and your life by acquiring useful and expensive things. They will make your life comfortable and serve your goals.

On March 22-28, it is important to closely follow what is happening with your head and heart. If you are out of breath and twitching, it is worth stopping and cooling down not to make mistakes and to avoid emotional dramas.

The month will be particularly active for Capricorns born January 10-20, and Crayfish born July 12-23. It will also confuse Aries and Libra born March 21-31 and September 23-October 2, respectively.  Those born on April 9-20 and October 12-23 will have to be overcome difficulties.


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