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April 29, 2020 · 2 min read

May 2020

Shooting Oneself in the Foot

In May everything is slowly getting back to as it used to be before. The situation that you find yourself in by the middle of the month has the risk of getting stuck in the same condition up to the fall. At the same time you may reveal the information that makes you globally revaluate the current situation, as well as the past months.

In a financial sense May will cause many issues, speculations and frantic craze. The month is NOT favorable for making contracts, deals and big-budget purchase, particularly for buying vehicles with especially around May 13-23. However, the time can be good for conducting an audit, uncovering monkey business and unmasking crooks.

In May you may be promised something attractive and desired in advance but later they may demand you to return it. It is the same about love. Someone may tempt you and sweep off your feet but then leave you. Even when such thing is done without bad intention it doesn’t make life easier. Dissatisfaction with yourself and your private life paves your way for development but simultaneously you keep making the same mistakes. You realize that behavior patterns and habits should be restructured but in such case you’d need to act hard even regarding oneself.

Beginning May 13 you need to direct your efforts and activity in one direction. It is better to practice one’s ideas by oneself. A company may only disturb. It is important that nobody would bother you and you would not let anybody involve yourself in somebody’s game. In that case you may give up on illusions and avoid mistakes. A nice bonus is that you can help a friend get rid of bad habits pulling him out of fantasies and dangerous errors.

May is not favorable for medical procedures related to beauty, as well as for treating hands, vaccination and selection of medicine. There is a possibility of complications for the respiratory system like allergy or bronchitis, as well as sudden outbreaks of new infections. There may be problems with the medical treatment when sometimes there’ll be lack of medicine or it may work not that well.