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July 4, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon Forecast – July 5-20

Symbol – Moon Tower

It is the time to show an iron will and stand up for your precious interests. You should leave emotions aside and dare to take steps concentrating on your goals, professional achievements, on something fundamental and important. Many of us will be guided by the call of duty related to their family, home, parents or a homeland. Τhe feeling of melancholy and inner tension around the full moon means that you have pushed your emotions deep inside or that you take the ongoing situation too seriously. A fresh breeze will revive your feelings that can show their new side and encourage you. One can take advantage of flirting, acquaintances and mutual attraction for reaching practical goals. On July 13-16, you may freeze encountering a formidable obstacle. Keep your wool on and do not postpone a decision. Around the new moon on July 20, you will realize that your decision was inevitable no matter what strange necessity it had been caused by; and then the past will set you free.