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November 1, 2020 · 2 min read

November 2020

In the first half of November, two planets turn direct, namely the talkative Mercury and warlike Mars which has been retrograde since the beginning of September. The previous stations of those planets has been keeping us in suspense for quite a while and we are already tired of it. Undoubtedly, this will speed up the outcome of events! November is controversial and brings a lot of personal moments along.

The first week of November is still difficult to negotiate and it is too early to arrange deals. Fines and official penalties are possible. On November 8-10 we are inclined to violently sort things out, expressing the accumulated issues and giving vent to feelings, as well as showing extravagance turning into assault. Aggression can appear suddenly, even in relation to a peacefully-minded opponent or opposition.

At the same time if we manage to transfer the energy of conflict to the highest level and "get infected" with something else, we are able to go through an unprecedented sensual or mystical experience: to draw, write poetry, dance, help others. You may get a second wind since these days contain healing power. Water will bring benefits, you can condition yourself to the cold, it is useful to relax and swim.

From November 15 to November 20, there may be dissatisfaction with relationships and a lack of joy in life, and we tend to suppress our feelings. It is not necessary to complicate the life of loved ones, to limit our life to one work, punishing ourselves or others. If you are in a bad mood, it is better to have some good time and take a walk. Be a bit more patient when doing your obligatory things! It is good to get rid of pain and congestion in the back, as well as of accumulated tension. Health problems can manifest themselves as a reaction to something that has long kept us in stress and on our toes. On November 16-18, you should not talk about whatever comes to your mind and get distracted from the things you need to do; be especially careful on the road.

Beginning November 22 the last and "crazy" week of November makes us capable of unexpected and crazy actions, which we may regret later. We tend to act on impulse, instinct, or fear; sexual desires will intensify and there may be a strong temptation. It is useful to work with energy, protecting yourself from "negative influences". There may be an unexpected turn in the relationship, sudden expenses and waste of energy but also a new unusual experience. Yes, you can let yourself do some crazy things, but you shouldn't cross the line. If you let yourself fool around, return to the path of the benefactor after it.


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