Creator of ArtUrania
September 1, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon – September 2-16

Symbol – Occult Councillor

Around this full moon you will feel WHAT is going to change in an incomprehensible way and drift in other direction away. One can get insight and a special feeling how to act. It is time to freeze in the hustle and bustle and listen to your inner voice. The clue will come from privy councillors and in the form of unexpected information that may seem quite weird or sorely private. These weeks work fine to take care about one’s physical and mental health. Symptoms related to health are only ripples on the surface of water, meanwhile the real problem may be a dead whale who lies in hiding at the very bottom. What is gnawing and squeezing falls like a stone on one’s heart, and it is important to find your own ways to relieve tension: yoga, meditation, philosophical reflections and communication with creatures that organically fill both earthly containers and one’s spiritual voids are beneficial. Trips, retreats, staying in a spiritual dwelling-place will help one have a rest. Where one allows trampling on one’s interests and needs yielding to demands of others, one should define the one’s permissible boundaries of intimacy gently but clearly. Studying and detailed examination of the subject helps one get rid of unconscious fear of it. Therefore, if one has fear of some “unknown beast”, it is worth taking a closer look at it; and if one faces something global and large-scale then to divide it into parts and sort it out.