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September 30, 2020 · 2 min read

October 2020

October keeps making us face complex situations, short deadlines and tough conditions that forces us to make inconvenient decisions and continue the scenario of the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The agenda of the month is the search for justice and recovery after breakdown. However, it brings a forced barrier for one’s personal will. It is already hard to turn from the way that you got on volitionally. You need either to back off or to break through, and your stamina may influence many things. Everyone has one’s own battle with something vital at stake. Facing something which is beyond our power or losing somebody we begin to appreciate something we have.

All October, particularly on October 8-22, the political tension related to distrust of leaders and conflicts with authorities and bosses in private life will be boiling. There will be attempts to come to terms but they may fail. A social-political abscess may get opened. In October professional risk, even for those who work as mediators or peacemakers, is still high.

Where a miracle could not be achieved with a sword, everyday care and love will accomplish it. There is no time for idle excesses in October. Healthy atmosphere around and health is already enough for now! Medical and educational topics, daily office and household chores, caring for pets are relevant. It is better to spend money on health and arrangement of life while saving extra money for the future. This will be the most effective way to take care of loved ones in order to protect them.

October 17-21 are critical dates when the chances of not negotiating the corner or missing the sign increase. At the same time, there is a chance to penetrate something hidden and interesting if you are perspicacious, which will help to avoid deceptions and disappointments in finances and love even before the rose-tinted spectacles crack. The naked truth can suddenly appear in all its glory, and you will recover your sight. These days (including October 25-26) are suitable for penetrating deep into the secrets of science and self-knowledge, especially with the help of metaphysical disciplines. It is not a good time for signing papers, making deals, getting married and scheduling operations, as the likelihood of later disappointing in your expectations is too high. Expect unexpected changes by the end of the month.


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