Creator of ArtUrania
May 22, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – May 22-June 4

Symbol – Pinky Hopes

Around the new moon, dissatisfaction with your simple happiness in the hand makes you feel a desire to swing to the other side or to fly into the sky grasping by the umbrella’s handle. Like a breeze which stirs the flames of a campfire, a passion or a dream may provoke your imagination the same way putting the critical thinking aside. The deceptive hopes result in choice difficulties and you can easily con yourself into wasting your money or love. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that you have caught sight of a repeating old pattern or a familiar face. It means that you need to deal with that and be quite realistic. Rewrite, replay and gο through your life pages again. For clarity please your eye with an instructive example from the classics – a book, a movie, a series on a stirring problem or an experience of a sister, a friend or a neighbor will be also helpful.