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August 31, 2020 · 2 min read

September 2020

Sweet Revenge

The beginning of September will bring new turns and interesting trips, and it looks quite optimistic, so it is better to get organized and finish the most important things by September 9. Instead of mooning over somebody or something it is time to get rid of needless slops and act businesslike but fairly. In that case you may turn even not a winning situation to your advantage. After September 10 things may come to a standstill. It will all start with unexpected surprises on September 14-17.

Mistaken, rash and quick-tempered actions in the second half of September, particularly on September 19-27, may lead to bad consequences before you realize that it has been a catchy trap or you’ve kept making the same mistakes. All the arms that have been kept inactive may shoot, so it is better to take your lethal reasons away. Avoid desperate suddenness and painful topics if you do not want to break up for good and all.

The last week of September is stressed, particularly regarding the conflicts on September 23-26 and 29-31 that may bring arguments, settling of old scores, attempts to turn the table by all means, fight for peace and justice that will not leave one stone upon another. The society may face loud and meaningful actions, blatant cases of both heroism and social protests and riots. One may easily become a prisoner of a situation and a subject of professional risk.

At the same time everything is spiced with passions and feelings of different range from rosy romanticism to harsh emotions. This time is effective for demonstrating feelings and creative activities. Ex-partners will come back willing to get their own back, or you may take a step back under the influence of bright feelings. It is good to remember that more crimes are committed in the name of love rather than because of hatred, and that sweet can turn to sour on a dime. Therefore let the sleeping beast lie especially if that beast is hungry or wounded and you want to do it out of vanity or desire to play. Getting free in a fit of wrath or love it may tear you up to pieces.