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October 15, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon October 16-30

Symbol – An Unacknowledged Genius

Offended virtue, gross injustice or a deadly terror can lead one to starting a holy war or even a personal crusade. Facts of violation of marital fidelity or business commitments and abuse of office may pop up. While ripping hypocritical masks away one should be ready to face a cold turkey that can give only some kind of masochistic pleasure. However, even in this state the naked truth has its own price and aesthetic value. This new moon exhibits a tendency to justify violence and extremism. It is better to set an aggressor down with lawful means thus preventing a direct attack. It is worth sublimating energy into highly artistic vibrations. Art and creativeness will save your world, just do not expect immediate results, but have fun from the process itself. One may officially get involved in some affair that will have long aftereffects and will require sacrifices, or to become a hostage of a blind promise due to which when returning home one will be obliged to give away something one had no inkling about.


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