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February 23, 2020 · 1 min read

New Moon Forecast – February 23-March 8

Symbol – Uncovering the Very Bottom

This New Moon the sensitive ones will read one’s lips whether discovering a secret or declaration of love. Something will come to light exposing the very bottom and then you should act carrying out specific and overdue plans. In endless talks it’s important to hear not the words themselves but to capture the images that appear behind that and hear not what is being said, but what people keep silent about. Remember that behind each story including yours there is its own mythology, image and archetype, and while thinking that way you will gain a thorough insight.

Blue Bird

New Moon April 12-26

Symbol – Blue Bird
Ox 2021 – Space Aviator (Card)

Forecast 2021

Anarchy – Foremother of Order
New Age: 2001-2159 (card)

New Age 2001-2159

…and early 2020s