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October 1, 2020 · 1 min read

Full Moon October 1-15

Symbol – Unhandy Cone

The bellicose Moon that likes to command and does not agree even with timid protests and legal objections, grins showing its dazzling white teeth. Around the full moon we are hot-tempered, irritable and are apt to take offense easily. One can easily give in to the first impetus and get into a tizzy. It is worthy to channel this impetus into a vigorous activity, instead of standing for an independence or proving that one was right in conflicts with one’s partner. You can express your energy enjoying simple and childish joys, walking, jogging, and playing outdoors while acting as a cheer-leader. This does not negate that your initiatives should be discussed with your close partners beforehand to weed out the ill-conceived and stupid ones. The conflict may have the final settlement in bed. It may happen that one has the similar qualities that greatly annoy and anger one in one’s partner. Educational trips, practice, training can be beneficial. It is recommended to delay surgery of head and dentistry on October 1-3 if there is no urgent need. It is good to help someone in a trouble while acting sincerely and heroically. During that full moon we should learn a lesson of patience and how to respect somebody, listen to someone and put oneself in the shoes of another, especially if that another one is a very important and loved one.


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