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November 2, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon November 4-18

Symbol – Alchemy Transmutation

The New Moon shakes and stirs us up whilst promising to one and everybody from a small surprise to fireworks of changes. Something extraordinary and exceptional may happen as well. However, this new moon stands out with its Royal Degree which favors one with luck in a difficult and even in a no-win situation – it is also named His Majesty Chance. It is worth remembering that usually the lucky ones are those who pull out themselves by tail. An insight, a trip, an encounter or an unexpected visit can throw somebody off the stride and robbed one of his usual comfort, but, at the same time, one is able to advance beyond commonness. What goes deep into your gut will contribute future transformation and rebirth. This applies to the inner, intimate life and business that you foster. Meanwhile, in everyday life many things tend to break down and collapse. Crisis may happen in the form of a credibility gap or of a sudden denouement of somebody’s long-suffering. However, this crisis contains «dragon teeth» of changes and grow. One should only have an inner courage to face the naked truth. Close to this new moon on November 4 some household appliances, technical equipment, and vehicles prone to break down, as well as road accident traffic rate increases. Sharp bends and brick walls are likely in the very beginning of New Moon, in the middle on November 9-13 and in the end of the period, close to the next Full Moon.