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June 24, 2021 · 2 min read

Full Moon June 24 – July 9

Symbol – Ascetic Monk

This full moon is about one’s personal goals and aspirations as well as about what one’s family, parents, clan of fellows-fighters, and even the Country with its laws require from you. It is also about one’s austerity by one’s own choice, self-perfection in some business and discharging of one’s duty that will give one priceless experience. It’s important to work well and don’t loosen yourself. Probably, one will have to pay debts, take care about elderly, home and land and cut down on excesses. It is good to maintain a garden, a land, and pay a tribute to the house defender, the dog. One will meet people one has not seen for a while and that will help one to set new goals. Since the end of June many feel an enthusiasm and experience passionate feelings, but there is also an obstacle one needs to overcome. One should show zeal and courage standing upon one’s own cherished interests and interests of the loved ones.

In the beginning of July one’s strivings and impulses can be at odds with the interests of others, duty or law. Feelings being provoked by jealousy, vengefulness, and resentment can quickly inflame a conflict and stir up enmity. Lovers have to go through trials and endure that. They should remember that when it comes to passions and unmeet expectations, there is only one step from love to hate. This full moon quest is how to stand up to coercion and tyranny, or how to settle some difficult situation. It is important to pay more attention to children and to protect them. When a storm is raging outside one should keep inner calm and impartiality like an ascetic monk, and then the arrows of adversaries inflamed by anger can only scratch but not damage the chain mail.