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April 26, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon April 27-May 10

Symbol – Basic Instinct

The main topic of this full moon is the control of fears and passions that turn into obsessions and phobias including the fear to be left without money. Taking risks can lead to losses. It is possible that mental healers, business coaches or lovers will try to squeeze your money out playing on your emotions or basic instincts while some people may tempt to comfort eating. In the end of April-beginning of May, one may unexpectedly deal with aggression or an obstacle. It is useful to be cautious in love and financial matters. Equipment breakdowns and emergencies leading to expenses may happen from April 29 to May 3. On the same dates the things that seemed especially appealing may turn into a suffocating and ugly toad, or even angina pectoris. One should not take one's emotions and feelings to extremes or inflate problems! In other words, by showing a little prudence, tolerance and, at times, black humor it is easy to avoid a risky situation and even hit the jackpot. Keep in mind that such malign desires and impulses as envy, greed, and immorality need particular self-control. It is better to avoid toxic thoughts as well as emotional and physical affection.