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October 5, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon October 6-19

Symbol – Beauty and Strength

By this new moon karma in the relationship with those around one will ripen. This new moon is about an inevitable action that sometimes cannot be avoided, even despite its some exposure or doubtful effectiveness. The impetus can be both stimulation and painful for the relations, but certain steps will still be taken. If one runs out of strength to tolerate, so jealousy and quarrels with partners may take place. In order to avoid hypocrisy, one should not judge and jump to conclusions, while not being in somebody’s shoes and not having traveled somebody’s path. It is better to mince one's words and balance one’s feelings on the scales of Wisdom, since a lean peace it is ever better than a fat victory. The will and energy of this new moon are directed to partners, clients and relationships, as well as towards the field of beauty and art. ‍However, one should bear in mind that the beauty may be wild and dangerous, and the jeopardy is hidden inside the beauty itself, because the beauty is a terrifying force. The following weeks are especially good for dynamic meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, gymnastics, Pilates as well as for all those areas where the beauty and strength are combined (go along with each other). They work fine to bring dynamism in the routine relationships as well. The incentive to urge your partners will appear while reminding them directly about their obligations to you. Someone may come back to you from the past trying to keep a long-standing promise if there was such an agreement. One may face with honest hater or an outspoken antagonist who can be disarmed or turned into an ally, while showing understanding and realizing what lies behind his discontent and pain. Ιn this way you may act more effectively for yourself also, and the key to this is fair candour and the discipline of your own feelings. A strong volitional impulse can overcome all obstacles and go through all trials.