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April 11, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon April 12-26

Symbol – Blue Bird

This new moon may wreck or transform one’s plans; however, they will become even better if you show ingenuity. The first week favours contacts and trips and one should act in active and flexible manner trimming one's sails to the wind. It will bring friends and useful information, as well as new ideas and acquaintances. April 15-19 are most active and breakthrough days. Following a course, adjust your plans and rearrange on the go, then you can overcome an obstacle on April 16-18 and even grasp a bluebird of happiness. If it is difficult to move, check if some anchor is holding you? When personal obstacles impeding your development and motion are realized and swept away, the external ones will also change. In a word, a radical but flexible turn related to oneself, one’s abilities and daily network of contacts, as well as change of direction is possible. This is a nonviolent revolution with regards to your individuality. After April 20 it is good to transform inspiration into something real and ideas into a product. Feelings have to be expressed in something tangible such as a delicious lunch, an intimate contact, a real help or a material support.