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December 17, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon December 19-January 2

Symbol – Air Kiss of Working Caterpillar

This full moon blows us kisses of a free and friendly Spirit. It works fine for grasping ideas and expressing them freely, widening the circle of acquaintances, as well as broadening the mind. It is good to go for a walk, meet with colleagues and friends, or spend time in an interesting company, even if that company is a book only. The main thing is to breathe easy. One may get a good review, a reward, and help from their benefactors. An acquaintance, a friend, or a friend of a friend can help to solve a pressing issue. After the Full Moon the atmosphere clenches with patterned Python rings. Before the New Year one may need to complete and finish something urgently. All things and activities need a practical and intelligent approach, even when attending a team-building event or spending a holiday. It is recommended to start congratulations with chiefs, bosses, instructors and teachers, as well as parents and elder relatives, that is the people who have made a contribution to your coming-of-age and development and whom your income and well-being depend on. Choose presents which are appropriate and useful and do not forget to reward oneself as well. Although in a business atmosphere or in its background, even such a trivial one as office wallpapers, renovation, construction or a coffee break with a colleague the outline of tender feelings may become visible while the order, sense and arrangement of feelings are important. It is better not mix up work and love but use this impetus as an incentive for accomplishment. The function in love and creative work is the main thing. Love is like working together on common goals, including reaching new heights of pleasure. For those who do not yet have heirs, there probably comes the time to think about having them.