Creator of ArtUrania
March 12, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon before Equinox March 13-27

Symbol – Water of life and dead water

The last new moon of the outgoing astronomical year makes one fall into a dreamy silence or causes an obsession, while becoming the source of two rivers: water of life and dead. The river of life is a true love that demands nothing in return, spiritual insight and the universal beauty of art; whereas, the dead water is dangerous for one who is in search of happiness and salvation in imaginary, illusory or voluptuous pleasures. This river also contains self-indulgence and reflections on why “it hasn’t turned out so well” which are so deep that one can easily get lost in self-pity. Such river-beds suck in our lifeblood. The task is not to lose a connection with a spirit which can pull you out by tail from the trickiest situations. Gentle philosophical detachment is recommended, while one’s sexual instincts should be kept in check. On the new moon it is effective to visualize desires and make a spiritual or creative search. The last week before the vernal equinox is good for rest, relaxation, spa and retreat; it is rather useful to sum up and get rid of all unnecessary. Quite unexpectedly, one may catch a goldfish which is a gift of the ending year. After the equinox on March 20 one should say “yes” to new plans and endeavours.