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September 20, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon September 20-October 5

Symbol – Compulsion to consent

This Full moon helps to solve the mystery, bring into the light and consider an idea or a problem in detail, as well as to extract a deeply stuck splinter which was a pivot of subconscious tension. One can plough through the issue and get the insight after the long and careful examination. It is good to strengthen the subtle body and bioenergy by breathing technique while exhaling the accumulated tension and reducing stress. The days before and after the full moon give rise to struggle for justice, feedback session and debates about the legitimacy of various acts and decisions. We see the striving to enforce the decisions by legal means but in fact by putting pressure and manipulating. We may be impelled to voluntarily consent. Around Mercury stations retrograde on September 27 we tend to denounce and speak out bluntly. It may be not easy to put thoughts into kind and eloquent words for the other person and come to an agreement, meanwhile it should be noted that the cunning of those who flatter or seem very nice is no less suspicious! While irritation with those who you have to obey or who you depend on will increase, especially if they have committed a faux pas, one should still openly tell them about the reasons of disagreement though without intention to step on somebody’s toes. If you are delicate keeping silence, despots and tyrants will say that you have enjoyed their deeds silently. While standing to principle of equity it is an important to be able to ward off an onslaught without any Macbeth dramas.