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May 25, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon May 26-June 9

Symbol – Lunar Eclipse at Vesak

Around this full moon vague ideas of trips and travels become clear. It is good to visit exhibitions and conferences, to communicate and invent, as well as to learn something new, to study and to pass exams. It may happen that going out for a walk or at the opening day of an exhibition you will meet an interesting person or friends will introduce you to someone. While Venus and Mercury conjunct on May 28-29 one has a good time to buy some clothes or items. Friends and loved ones from afar may return and the old acquaintances may renew. While getting rid of some pink illusions may be a painful process, one should let bygones or unfulfilled wishes go, whole-heartedly forgiving the emotional pain. In the first days of June there are lots of fraud and fines on the road, there will be attempts to catch, to dupe or to move to pity. Allergy, sleeping pills and medicines which causes mental fog are dangerous, so one should be careful with drugs. Self-pity and doubts like “loves – does not love” may bring back bad habits and even lead to neurosis. In early June when Mercury becomes retrograde and the closer to Solar Eclipse on June 10th, the easier to oneself to get tangled in the intricacies of the mind and logical constructions, be lost in reflections and introspection. One should trust one’s heart more than mind, devoting time to steady affections, family comfort, favourite activities and those people whose relationships fill you with energy and inner warmth.