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September 5, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon September 7-20

Symbol – Encounter

This mercurial New Moon tunes us in for trips, outings, changes of the way of life, as well as for experiments with one’s own future. However, those who are disorganized and choose unworthy goals will lounge until fallling into a trap of one’s own delusions. The observation and analysis of alternate moods and motivations is useful for self reflection. Those who have set their ends and means correctly can attract sponsors and worthy companions, meet a teacher or a wise guru, and make the important acquisitions on spiritual or physical plane. Close to the new moon one may succeed in making union lawful and in settling differences having enlisted the support of a competent person. For those unable to keep secrets it is better to walk silently alone practicing “mauna” which means quietude and has a voice of its own. Others should prefer a company of noble and worthy people. In any case a lot of chatter about future plans is not recommended. In the middle of September an inaccurate situation assessment can lead one to faulty actions. Around this New Moon a small uncomfortable  obstacle may to certain extent hinder the joy of the long-expected happiness. It may relate to financial “impossibilities”, unacceptable wishes and unsatisfied passions in which there is something fatal. Depending on one’s choice before the full moon around September 20, one has to hold back on those things or to drain the cup of pleasure to the bitter end.