Creator of ArtUrania
July 8, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon July 10-23

Symbol – Constructive endeavour

This new moon draws our attention to real estate, family and spiritual unity. We get involved emotionally, while the truth should be sensed intuitively on a subtle level. There is a hidden current, an invisible thread underlying the ardent love, the whirl of activity and bravado. Feeling about for the thread and accurately pulling by it one is able to heal the relationship, to untangle and settle the issue peacefully. It is better to show sincere sympathy and understanding, instead of trying to pressure someone. After the new moon, there comes a bright time in love, creativity and relaxation. From July 22 the drama will come down a little, and many of us will have to go back to their boring daily routine where we tend to make exorbitant demands. Being absorbed with one’s own petty-minded concerns and needs, indulging vanity and digging into details we miss an opportunity to see “a whale” – in other words, the crux of the matter, the scale of the problem or that large cumbersome thing for the sake of which it was all started. One who can overstep one’s petty egoism and inner mercenariness will gain best opportunities for inner growth and development. Days before the full moon are full of fuzz, gossips, and saving purchases that are mostly in vain. Because of daily stress and lack of inspiration one may experience health issues.