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January 4, 2021 · 2 min read

Dangerous Epicureanism – January 7-February 4

Mars Squares and Bothers Uranus

This configuration has the strongest influence on people born on April 20-May 4, October 23 – November 6, January 20 – February 4, July 22-August 6.

Between January 7 and February 4 especially on January 19-31 unexpected things may happen in everyday life, even in the process of such habitual action as cooking or making love, on vacation and not to mention financial issues. You may get to sell or buy something unnecessary. Even good deeds such as feeding stray dogs when done carelessly may end up with their bites. It will also be uneasy to please with a gift.

It is dangerous to indulge yourself with pleasures when you may love somebody too much, overeat or get too jealous and complaining about everyday and financial difficulties. All that may lead to losing control and getting into a conflict with physical abuse. You may really get into a domestic conflict after someone has boiled over a long-time problem.

If you are participating in something stay tuned to the situation. It is dangerous to get lazy or let chips fall where they may. Otherwise you may face an unpleasant surprise. It is good to be prepared beforehand but not excited. Otherwise you may get lost, make a mistake or do something at a bad time, and not only once but twice. If you are spinning along ride the brake.

The most vulnerable spots are mouth and throat, the process of eating and the general level of energy for you may feel lazy and tired. There is a risk of home accidents with electric appliances and other technical devices, as well as of home and road incidents. This time is not suitable for systematic planting, reproduction and breeding, unless only for spontaneous generation.

It's good to work on your big and small weaknesses. Meditations and practices can be a good way for doing that. For instance, when doing so above the throat chakra, which is responsible for affections and "swallowed" insults, stop attracting those who are unnecessary and, thus, get rid of spenders, boarders, and "moon" vampires (if you fail to buy yourself off with meditations, you can try money), as well as your own addictions and habits.

It is worth remembering that the things you are overly and stubbornly resisting do not go away, but bring surprises. The period is easier to survive without fussing, keeping in mind the rule that God helps those who help themselves and not waving a red rag in front of the bull.