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October 20, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon October 20-November 3

Symbol – Protecting Barrier

Around this Full Moon we will feel that we have the energy to give hope and confidence not only to ourselves but also to our loved ones, while being free from the conventions and ready to show our teeth if needed. One should get down to work boldly and with enthusiasm while increasing working efficiency. The spent energy will be repaid a hundredfold, but one has to work hard and stand the strain.

It becomes more complicated after October 23 when the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio while making the Formula of Misfortune by the end of the month. This time produces anxiety, illusions and deception, meanwhile the swindlers are ready to play on your fears and basic instincts – so one should keep a sharp look-out, especially on October 25-27. These days are not good for beginning of medication intake, or treatment, as well as for making agreements and purchases.

In the last week of October many of us will feel the need to lay down a barrage, to make a physical or mental protecting barrier to keep their own privacy and to fence the private life from outsiders. It is recommended to guard and defend your private borders that is worth some extra spending. October 27-29 are favourable for presents, offerings, charity and generous contribution, and thus, one can buy off one’s own “misfortune”. Probably, one has to sacrifice something to one’s own safety. It is good to make stockpiles just in case. October 31-November 2 work fine for communication, study, making agreements and orders, as well as valuable acquisitions.