Creator of ArtUrania
July 23, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon July 24 – August 7

Final Analysis

This full moon shows that freedom means responsibility. Even bright individuals and creative personalities will have to accept rules of the game of a group or society despite their peculiarities which are beyond the discussion. Though we are not always free to create our own life at full extent, we are at least its full-fledged co-authors. The secret is that for one’s personal growth and ascent one first has to help those who are struggling like him/her, supporting one’s peers and colleagues who follow their own path. When you mount to the summit together, instead of climbing forward desperately it makes sense to support people who walk alongside. Friendship in the aggravating circumstances that impede it to grow into love is easier to accept as it is. If there are not enough personal recourses to bring the idea to life, then the matter can be solved slowly and by the team. From August 1 till the new moon on August 8 when the Sun passes turbulence zone, we cannot refrain from responding to the call of fate. This quest should be completed again by taking a deliberate decision this time. It is good to use a strong urge and personal strength for the future of the project, for the benefit of the team while inspiring fellows and friends by personal example. The ability to rise above the personal motives and make something for the common good is most valuable.