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February 11, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon February 11-26

Symbol – Gifts of Fortune

This new moon promises presents, encounters and nice time, as well as gifts of love or friendship – exactly what you have been awaiting, afraid of and hoped for so long. Around February 14 your long-time dream may come true. Guests, friends and ex-sweet-hearts may visit your unexpectedly. Although these meetings and communication have a shade of incompleteness and transiency of happiness, they are necessary for us as a breath of life. Among social perturbations a virgin land of personal happiness and some space for growth are meaningful: main ideas should be rethought and brought up afresh. Be your own guru and benefactor practicing an open-minded attitude and broadening your horizons. It’s good to make a grand and extraordinary gesture for your beloved ones and friends. Some complications in mutual understanding may happen around February 20. Personal relationship also needs an open space and a fresh air rather than jealousy and discussing expenses. Spend as much time as possible on activities that allow you to feel comfortable and with those people who you can feel at ease with.