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June 20, 2021 · 2 min read

Pilgrim Jupiter Fish

Around the Solstice on June 21 the gas and ice giants, Jupiter and Neptune accordingly, are going to start their retrograde cycles, while Mercury on the contrary stations direct. This represents the turning point of this year in attempts to put the lid over the boiling cauldron. Jupiter which is responsible for one’s social role, status, spiritual beliefs and ideals turns retrograde from June 20 to July 28 in the sign of Pisces.

It is unlikely that one is able to fit into society easily without sacrifice. However, it is possible to contribute with devotion or an idea even from afar. One can give everything but faith and beliefs as a sacrifice.

Some of us will feel that material things do not withhold them as strongly as before and that they need to draw from the other source while reevaluating the inner barns of accumulated views and beliefs. At the same time, those who had a spiritual experience or reflected on some idea before has a chance to embody them in a tangible form.

Each of us has one’s own faith, path and spiritual flow. To find them one should swim away from the public school of fish. Jupiter being retrograde favours solitary and undercover activity, distant travels and staying in the wild, as well as spiritual immersion experience.

After the solstice Mercury turns direct again, so things will go faster. However, some of us will have to get out of the general stream and go the second round if success has not been achieved. This path is for those how are strong in spirit.

On July 18-28 the risk to face with scheming or false gurus will increase; public disgrace or loud revelations are possible. Bad days for a sea voyage. Next wave of virus may reach its peak. Some hidden facts about virus, low-quality medicines or drug side effects may come out. Liver and blood-vascular systems, especially the arterial one, are vulnerable. It is useful to detoxify. Moderate eating and drinking will help to avoid oedemas or thromboses.

The retrograde Jupiter calls us for introspection: the assessment of our personal development, enterprise or business occurs in accordance with our spiritual demands and internal criteria. Are we satisfied with our spiritual growth, our accomplishments and contribution, as well as our place in a society? Can we sincerely confess to ourselves that we got what we wanted? As a result of such introspection some of us will thirst to find new stimuli and meanings.