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August 21, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon August 22-September 7

Symbol – King of Situation

At this full moon, the Lord of the Sun reaches the height of its fame and might holding out its regal hand and tempting one to take advantage of the opportunity or even to go beyond one's commission, when something desired is very close. While some people will be limited in their rights seeking justice in law or refuge in the courtroom, their luckier fellows will get all because of good fortune and impudence. September substitutes truth for lies at the touch of a button introducing scattering in goals and unscrupulousness in means. Whereas there is a risk of being biased and unfair to one’s fellow-neighbor, being misunderstood or misinformed by him, as well as catching some bad idea, it is better to avoid casual acquaintance, unnecessary trips and visits. The spectrum of the consequences varies from wasting time to pickpocketing. One should live with one's own mind showing critical thinking and screening information. While keeping promises and making moderate concessions without fanaticism one is able to establish order in relationships and to restore peace with partners. It is worth choosing ends and means wisely because the true Lion is a regal beast which noble goals follow its noble heart while ignoring the envious yapping of cowardly jackals. At the same time the hypocritical Lion tends to use the rule of the gun voluntarily to escape unpunished, but its dishonesty will be remembered and an ugly story will become the talk of the town.