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January 28, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon January 28-February 11

Symbol – Liana of Destiny

By this full moon, kilowatts of power will be accumulated threatening to burst out. The main thing is not to become fierce as a bull in fits and not to face one! During these two weeks there is almost no hope to solve the matter by acting coercively. It’s better not to worry much about financial issues and loss of favourite things. Heart, affairs of the heart and the things you are putting your heart into are at risk, because an intense excitement can provoke even a heart attack. On the other hand, this is a test for strength of mind and a path of the heart checking what you are ready to sacrifice and to bear following that path. While solving one’s problems it is good to choose a creative way instead of needless stubbornness and painful delay. You will have to change or to postpone some plans. Use this interval for having rest and doing what you have a keen interest to. The sudden stop will give time for thinking. Good and old friends will appear on the scene and you will fulfill an old idea even better.