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May 28, 2021 · 1 min read

Mercury Retrograde

From May 29 to June 22 Mercury turns retrograde moving back through 25-17 degrees of Gemini. The return of someone and something or coming back to someone and something, that is going to be curious, informative and useful, awaits us. Everything can start from love and affection and end with financial matters: these two plot lines are intertwined. We need to reevaluate and rethink many things. In business and financial matters a cunning and changeable Eurus will blow. (Check does Eurus blow into your windows by entering your date of birth at Arturania.com)

Mercury in its backward movement while making a square with the Neptune is destined to debunk the illusions because it lands to solid ground those who had theirs’ heads in the clouds and were expected to land in a soft haystack which had already been harvested or eaten. It may happen that one will be disappointed in something or, vice versa, one has to disappoint someone. The information will come that will clarify the situation, reveal the truth and help one to make sure for good and for all.

The retro Mercury-Neptune square will help us to deal with someone else's dishonesty and with the bias in ourselves. One has just to want and stop indulging on one's own weaknesses, as well as giving in to other people's manipulations. If you let everything take its course, it is easy to get confused in doubts, excuses and self-justifications without making any progress in resolving the situation. It is worth letting vain expectations and offences go by forgiving the “debtor”. Revision, review, and gestalt are helpful.

The Mercury-Neptune square increases the danger of allergy including to medications, side effects of bites, herbs, sleeping pills and sedatives. The risk of poisoning, acute and contact infections, as well as reinfections increases. It is good to get rid of bad habits, and toxic thought patterns and biased attitudes that preventing inner harmony and peace.