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March 28, 2021 · 1 min read

Full Moon March 28-April 11

Symbol – Middle Path

This full moon will aggravate contradictions between private interests and interests of people around you starting from the whole community to the interests of a spouse or a close partner. Certain tensions may also arise among female family members. In order to settle a bureaucratic matter or a court case and to reach an agreement one should employ diplomacy. Explicit personal interests and ambitions make one’s vision one-sided and maximalist urging to solve the case in one’s own favour, whilst one should consider the other side as well. It is worth doing the same in regards to money and love. If the choice is difficult, a neutral option or a middle path is preferable. Be an observer for yourself or find a mediator, justice of the peace or even a random person. If one is able to abstract one’s mind from Ego and ambitions the scales of your own and somebody else’s preferences can be balanced, as the truth is somewhere in between. These two weeks work fine to renew your look, style, behavior and life style. You may find harmony and beauty in active total immersion to something and in action itself. Dynamic meditation, self-expression in art and sport are preferable.