Creator of ArtUrania
May 11, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon May 12-25

Symbol – Plate of needs

Around the new moon we tend to be greedy and crave for intimacy, comfort, delicious food, money and care. Since petty larceny and attempts of grabbing something that belongs to others may take place, watch your purses and wallets. Regarding health issues one needs to pay attention to neck, glands, tonsils and thyroid gland, as well as quality and quantity of food. It is worth paying particular attention to your daily routine and practicalities of everyday life to realize that some habits have become your needs and swallowed up your free spirit. However, we are not just a body, a food processor or a wallet. It’s important to realize that man shall not live by bread alone and take an unbiased look at one’s true demands and basket of goods. Close to the full moon it is not recommended to make big purchases but rather to lighten a “plate of needs.” Starting from the new moon it will be good to introduce a diet, fasting and a healthier daily timetable. While it is important not to squeeze the loved ones it is recommended to weed out “spongers” by putting them in their place. It is worth relaxing grip on whatever strangles and oppress you but still feels like something precious. When you let what seems to you very essential go you may feel that you can live without it. It may happen that for the sake of freedom one should refuse from some comfort.