Creator of ArtUrania
January 12, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon January 13-28

Symbol – the Red Alert

We often prefer to have it our own way, but there is always room for a chance and unpredictable patterns in our life. The two weeks of the forthcoming new moon is just about that. “Have you got a plan Mr. Fix?” If that is just a draft, destiny may not digest it. The emotional mainspring pressing one’s head may also straighten up, or the leash one has been kept on may tear apart. It’s necessary to cope with feelings and manage stress, and then the powerful energy may be channeled to something useful. One should just choose to what. It is a matter of self-control and control, sometimes to get out of somebody’s tenacious clutches be that your imperious boss, parent, obsessive admirer, or your own high expectations, panic attacks and even strong jaws of death. To take life in your own hands you should get rid of unnecessary sentiments and self-indulgence. Destiny will show mercy on those who are responsible for themselves and to themselves and are not prejudiced against the life.