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June 4, 2021 · 3 min read

Annular Eclipse on June 10

Symbol – Ring of Fire

  • This annular solar eclipse starts at sunrise in Canada (Ontario), reaches its maximum in Greenland at local noon and then moves to the North Pole. Later on, the eclipse path leaps to Eastern Siberia region in Russia where it ends at sunset. The “ring of fire” will last about 4 minutes along this belt. In the Northeast America and Canada, as well as in Eurasia (above 35° northern latitude, except the eastern parts) the partial solar eclipse happens.

  • Annular eclipses produce a profound karmic effect on whole nations and countries, especially on the territories they occur. They happen when a newborn moon is the farthest away from Earth and is unable to cover the Sun completely. Therefore, in its maximum phase we observe the ring of fire behind the Moon.

  • The eclipse occurs under the tense influence of Neptune and close to retrograde Mercury while its permanent Lord – the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon. Mercury remains by itself without any support.

  • This year the Saturn’s birthday happens on the same day. Saturn was born at the time of solar eclipse and therefore he is not friendly with Sun.

  • The eclipse occurs in the midpoint Mars/Uranus and under the influence of fixed star Bellatrix which has Mars-Mercury nature and the character of Amazon. That causes bellicose, irreconcilable and unexpected nature of events.

  • The influence of the eclipse is felt by many a month before and after the eclipse, the closer it comes the stronger its impact. The consequences of the events around the eclipse will last for at least the next six months.

Tendencies, Do’s & Don’ts

  • Negotiations, visits and trips concerning sore points will have strategical and long-lasting importance, especially in setting up priorities, dividing spheres of influences, loans and debts. Disagreement and dissatisfaction on the fundamental issues, long-standing problems and contradictions are discussed again. The involvement of third party as a mediator, a messenger, a satellite, an attorney, a friend or a child or just a side person is possible.

  • Insights: some idea, bright thought or an answer that has been spinning for a while in one's mind can come to the light, and then everything may happen fast and unexpectedly even besides one’s will.

  • Saturn – the planet of fate, settling scores and inevitability of karma – increases the fatality of what is going on around the eclipse. It is useful to feed birds, especially crows which are under Saturn’s protection, to help destitute, to clean and to get rid of any excess. It is good to fast during the day of eclipse because Saturn is an adherent of minimalism, austerity, sacrifice and dark colours.

  • There is no light from the moon or the sun at the moment of eclipse. Pranas of Ida and Pingala (moon and sun energy channel) merge and susumna (the central channel along the spine in a human body) is activated. This is a powerful time for meditation, yoga practice, mantras and prayers.

  • The risk of accidents, eye injuries, technical accidents and breakdowns increases, especially two weeks before and after the eclipse. Women and children can be actively involved in events acting as the driving force or as sudden victims.

  • It is important to reappraise one’s actions, to concentrate and to pull oneself together while weeding out reflection and illusions induced by Neptune. In a relationship, not only separations and partings are possible, but also hard-won reconciliation and returns after long twists and turns.