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November 18, 2021 · 1 min read

Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19

Symbol – Self-training

The Corridor of Eclipses from November 19 to December 4 is accompanied by turbulence while coming close to entrance or exit that one can feel which is felt a fortnight or even a month before or after the eclipses. The eclipse on November 19 opens new doors but we should be inwardly prepared to cross the threshold and to be quite disciplined not to forget the key to the house. This is the time for self-organization that gives one a possibility to settle both personal and financial matters due to proper self-cultivation. After some fatigue and exhaustion we are bound to revise our approach to the problem, rebirth, and decide to live. After that a competent plan which is worth putting into practice will ripen. One should tackle love and creative work in a practical way, because inspiration is a matter of an efficient organization, self-improvement and impetus. If it is difficult to get into the right mood at home, one can put on a business to get a character. On November 30-December 4 we pass by an accident zone of Aldebaran-Antares where even a miner fraud for a good cause can come at a price of somebody’s trust, as well as an unreliable information and discussions behind one's back can sow dragon's teeth. Your choice to avoid intrigues will help you to stay with spotless reputation, while smooth and attentive driving will help you to pass without fines. Frank and fair conversation, and an unbiased view will straighten out a misunderstanding with children and relatives. With a comprehensive self-training, the corridor of Eclipses is just a training runaway.