Creator of ArtUrania
August 5, 2021 · 1 min read

New Moon August 8-21

Symbol – Stove

The new moon will inflame the fire of controversy and heated debates, spirit of competitiveness and generate an excitement on a medical or other professional topic, as well as will produce a series of tough changes. While taking somebody’s side, expressing one's opinion directly, standing upon one's rights it’s easy to put oneself in opposition to superiors. Against the odds, around August 15-20 one can bake something useful and tasty – to carry out an idea or to bring a plan to its full fruition. While having thought through all the details one can succeed in establishing a perfect order in the area that has been missing it. It is a good time to deal with health issues and documents: a doctor’s clear hand, a lawyer’s pen, an architect’s calliper, a gardener’s rake, and a cleaner’s broom, as well as an official’s signature will be a good support. This time is favorable for legislative initiatives, marriage and the implementation of elegant architectural solutions, including the ones in your own life. Soon after the new moon it is time to get down to work and business because it’s not rocket science. The new moon’s flame arouses the sexual desire even in a formal or natural setting as within the precincts of an office or a consulting room, in a home bedroom, or in a tent outdoors. Meanwhile, some of us will understand that the labor of love or hobby is the best lover.