Creator of ArtUrania
May 30, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon on Aldebaran-Antares Axis

Symbol – Romp

This new moon arouses an omnipresent activity, an inquisitive and rebellious spirit, as well as collides people’s destinies in a hurricane storm. While setting out on a journey be like Phileas Fogg, take the most paradoxical things to the trip and keep in mind that pirates also range the limitless expanses of the seas. A “catastrophe” may happen quite unexpectedly, but what happened will cast the light on the future like a beacon beam and become a signal pointer on how to proceed further. One should be patient until Mercury gets loose of Saturn, so the whole first week abounds in crises and accidents. Even if you have to break through the wall and prove that you are not four-legged, do not channel your energy destructively. What may seem at first sight a strange coincidence and an unknown pattern will help one to realize that it is time to get out of the catastrophic situation and push one to escape. If you feel that you got freeze, go out to take a breath of fresh air and change scenery or surroundings, in other words, be a ship under the sail and set it down the wind. The new moon will help one to grasp something new: an idea, a godsend, a place or a fellow traveller, but too scattered and vectorless force may lead to waste of energy and devastation.