Creator of ArtUrania
October 8, 2022 · 1 min read

Full Moon October 9-24

Symbol – Artistry

An intense and hot breath of the full moon is projected onto our partnerships while providing an interesting experience or a unique precedent in personal development or relationships. Starting from obvious hints and outspoken contradictions this full moon will lead to critical screening whilst strengthening useful connections on October 9-14. You can get valuable experience for your personal grow in a group or team while bringing your own one there. Those who manage to sell one's carefully polished image will find a sponsor or partner who will support their initiatives. The full moon works fine for communication with creative people, a deeper acquaintance with art and an acquisition of creative skills. Moderate flirting won’t hurt and may even turn out to be helpful. Medical procedures and manipulations for aesthetics purposes improving an appearance will be for good. Breathing exercise (pranayama) and balancing asanas will contribute a lot to your inner balance. October 13-18 (excluding October 17) works fine for registration, signing legal arrangements and even for marriage. There is no need to fuss and rush, because one’s ability to arrange things artistically and tastefully is a cherry on the cake, so if you successfully  manage to arrange relationships with a close or promising partner according your taste you can get both love and business venture.