Creator of ArtUrania
March 1, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon March 2-17

Symbol – Coffee Fountain

Around this new moon the realization of the accumulated collective karma in accordance with the highest, divine laws occur, and those unjustly offended or involved may count on protection and support from on high. An energetic, bellicose and intransigent trend evolves against a chaotic background. All mankind together is a united seething fountain filled with one and the same life-giving water – the whole sculptural composition. However, the separate figures of that group while standing with one’s back to each other do not see and hear their fellow-brother because of the sound of the uproarious water. In the magic fountain everyone tries to catch their goldfish and while acting for the sake of the personal ambitious only, we add drop by drop from ourselves, although we are very surprised if the water of entire fountain pours over our heads. This new moon many of us feel the need of spiritual and innermost connection with the nearest and dearest, family and kin, or a sacred spiritual community. Do not shy to accept or provide even a smallest, but feasible help and support. One can find an access to a source of inspiration and swim with the current. We can find inner resources to embody what we have been planning for a long time, or get support from a benefactor, sponsor or a guardian angel. Next couple of weeks work fine for cure, healing and spiritual practices. Be sure that if an idea has come, you have inner and hidden forces to fulfil it, let it be both for peace and for good.