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January 2, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon January 2-17

Symbol – Deconstructivism

This new moon one may feel busy and preoccupied, therefore lofty and lucid idea will lead you through the narrow tunnel to the light. It is important to understand what you are going to focus this year on and what you are going to achieve. In January it is worth showing self-control and ascesis and very accurately calculate your finances so that you would have enough means for all the necessary pleasures. One should not trust blindly in their acquaintances, and get sidetracked to externals. Beginning January 8-12 some dead mental and material constructions may crack and demand drastic actions for rearrangement, deconstruction, and even lead to dismantling one’s notions about self and one’s current strivings. One may have to prove his righteousness while opposing bias and intolerance and moving on according to the proverb “The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”. Nevertheless, the frantic ones may try to bite. Be cautious with your liver and with stimulating your immune system with medications; take care of your hands and legs when doing active sports such as running, skiing, skating, cycling and climbing, and whilst participating in competitions or making a sightseeing tour. While the Mercury makes a sharp loop becoming retrograde on January 14, unexpected tidings and surprises entailing financial expenses and other costs are likely, and certain people shall have to make a risky flying roll over their heads. Increasing of accident rate, breakdown of equipment and home appliances may happen. Despite one may need to fix them (and surely will have to!), it is not a good time to renew gadgets and technics on one’s own accord. What relates to your house, home or office… do not refuse a present and do not agree to give away what you may not know yet about, but what could have happened during your absence/while you were absent. Such valuable and useful gift might come in handy for yourself later on.