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December 2, 2021 · 1 min read

Partial Solar Eclipse December 4

Symbol – Dubious Sun

The Solar Eclipse obscures and confuse the issue, so the truth and falsehood can double and change their places. While feeling one's way through an acrid and obscure mist one can easily mix up one’s dreams with somebody’s ideals, spend time in vain and even bruise oneself. Are you sure that you look with unbiased view and hear with your own ears? One should think twice before judging and taking responsibility. Even the bravest and sincerest persons may face counteraction and faulty assessment in planning. This Solar Eclipse deals with education and travel, as well as disclosures, faithlessness and search of truth while bringing up the spiritual and ethical questions. One’s efforts to bring something or somebody to light may give an unexpected effect. It is recommended to avoid striking up casual and dubious acquaintances, and it is better to read attentively what is written with a small print in an agreement that also should be put on the back burner. Somebody may let one down and steal. It is good to free your time from idle people and meaningless messages while maintaining a strong belief in your own ideals and a dream. On a full moon of December 19, the “coconut nuts” of debts and promises may start to fall on somebody’s head, so one has to fix, repair and restore, whilst dealing with financial shortcomings or broken relationships. Some past issue or situation may come back with the result that one may get what he has been striving for. Taking risk of becoming too relaxed or lazy one may find oneself in an uncomfortable position or in no-win situation, and even get stuck in somebody’s hole for the rest of December like one famous presumptuous teddy bear.