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April 29, 2022 · 2 min read

Eclipse Corridor April 30-May 16

Symbol – Pomegranate

The solar eclipse on April 30-May 1 opens wide the gates of the front access corridor and embodies our dreams in a material form, but around May 16 we have to get through the bottleneck, because the lunar eclipse sums up results toughly, while forcing us to squeeze through a narrow cellar window. Whilst there may be losses of hopes and finances in the end of the eclipse corridor, we will gain the feeling of the real ground, a real understanding of the situation and our vital tasks. This Solar eclipse carries an element of spontaneity and unexpected resolution, it can be also marked with social crises and protests in society, which can be suppressed by May 16. The task of the eclipse on May 16 is to finish and cut shot what has ripen around April 20. How many follies were committed, so tough the reaction can follow. The failure to resolve the situation effectively may lead to harsh outcome and coming out by force, meanwhile some painful and unpleasant effects can be experienced long after. Events of May can evolve bellicose while marking a new strategy of expansion and a new program of leaders, so these eclipses define how irreconcilable the months of May, June, and July will turn out. The eclipses will call forth a new state of things and a new battlefield for the summer and the first half of autumn. The seize of initiative, direct calls and appeals of leaders to their people, new designation and resignations are possible. Everything that was hidden and covered will manifest itself openly, publicly and bluntly, and ”pirates” may decide to board.

Around the moon eclipse on May 16, we may feel fatigue, emotional burn out, and the weight of unsolvable problems, meanwhile the opportunity to speak out and act kindly towards other living beings will ease the sadness; feeding and releasing birds or fish is good. The weeks between the eclipses favor to those who sweep under the carpet, hide finances or love affairs. One should not refuse inquisitive contacts, communications, and fresh opinions, as well as gaining new skills; new acquaintances are possible. Breathing practices, outdoor strolls and interesting communications are the easiest way to feel revitalized. One should listen to different opinions if one needs to solve the problem. Some reasonable restrains work fine for our physical body and wallet, so it is worth fasting, to cleanse, to repay or fulfill the debts and to be moderate in spendings. The surgeries are risky, especially on oral cavity, knees and ancles, as well as genital areas, so it is better to postpone them except urgent and essential ones. If April 30-May 1 eclipse is more about sudden events, accidents and breakdowns, then May 16 eclipse is more about unexpected outrages, robbery and violence. The one who takes a small backpack of practical, reasonable ideas and things that have been achieved through suffering instead of a swollen bag of “unrealizable desires” will squeeze through narrow cellar window.