Creator of ArtUrania
March 30, 2022 · 1 min read

New Moon April 1-15

Symbol – Equestrian

An extraordinary new moon on the crest of the spring tsunami wave 9-14 April, when we find ourselves involved in a whirligig, social and natural phenomena, earth movements, as well as mystifications and provocations, as if we sleep and see a terrifying and amazing dream. Τhe spirit of this new moon endowers us with energy and creative power, giving rise to changes, travelling and globetrotting. It impels us to find a way out of a difficult situation whilst making an uneasy choice in the beginning of April. However, as it is said, “for some it is a war, for others a mother in law”, as what brings grief and loss to one gives glory and enrichment to the other. Although, who has ascended high on wings runs the risk of falling, but the drowning one may be saved by the will of Providence. Thus, Providence speaks of the connection of all living and existing, and the ability of life to give birth to a new beginning even form the darkest abyss. Winged Pegasus prepares to overcome a misty chasm and gas and dust clouds in subtle and dense worlds, and a dashing equestrian puts the armour and throws a special scarf on the horse’s eyes. Shows and bluff will play out with a renewed vigor to hide the unsightly nature or truth. When the numerousness sufferings of this world force the wanderer who is being tired of the world’s illusions and shows, to seek for a way out of an impasse and a connection with a Supreme Spirit, he will turn his eyes to the Heavenly law of stars and to its reflection in his own soul.